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Assessment of Learning

This is a quick reference home page of resources to support educators' use of timely, well-designed assessments of student learning, both for evaluation (summative) and for improvement (formative). Information is also provided in support of educators' work assessing their instructional effectiveness, again for both evaluation (summative) and for improvement (formative). In addition, information about institutional assessment policies, practices, resources and results can be found on the Academic Programs and Planning website at this link.

Program Assessment Workshop Series

This workshop series provides professional development support for those working on program assessment efforts across campus. Workshop topics are those commonly encountered by those tackling program assessment and Program Review. All workshops are engaging, hands-on experiences designed to help you make significant and positive progress in your program assessment project. The series will also develop your understanding of assessment theory and expertise in assessment-related topics and activities, which can benefit any educator. This series is a partnership between CTLT and Academic Programs and Planning.

Formative Assessment of Student Learning


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Summative Assessment of Student Learning


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Formative Assessment of Educational Effectiveness


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Summative Assessment of Educational Effectiveness


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