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MIDAS Service Application

The purpose of this project is to develop and test tools and procedures for a document accessibility remediation service as one component of multifaceted campus support for instructional materials accessibility and affordability. The MIDAS team will review applications as they come in and contact applicants to begin the process. 

Please provide the brief designation for the course intended for inclusion in this pilot program (e.g., BIO 160).
Please estimate the annual enrollment of all of your sections of this course that would use the converted documents.
Document types
Word documents
PDF documents
Slide deck documents (PowerPoint or Keynote)
Other types of documents
Please estimate the total volume of digital documents (word documents, pdfs, slide decks) used in your proposed course that would be involved in the conversion process.
Please indicate whether the course documents that are to be converted are Open Educational Resources (free or reduced cost).
Please indicate your commitment to the pilot project in the 2018-19 academic year. Full participation includes: (1) Transferring documents to the MIDAS team and then back into the PolyLearn course shell to replace inaccessible documents, (2) cooperating with brief assessments of students' perceptions of accessible documents, and (3) sharing experiences with campus colleagues on request (e.g., brief summaries of project experience, either oral or written).

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