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New FacultyThe CTLT provides programs and services designed specifically to support all new faculty (1-3 years): tenure track, lecturer and teaching staff. Our scholarship-grounded services and programs supporting exemplary, state-of-the-art teaching, and we provide opportunities for faculty to connect with campus resources and one another throughout the year. This page describes resources, opportunities, and events designed for newer faculty. If you would like to join the Newer Faculty listserv for periodic updates and notices of opportunities, please contact the CTLT (ctlt@calpoly.edu) 

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    Community Breakfasts for Newer Faculty

    All newer faculty (all tenure-line and all lecturers in years 1-3) are personally invited to join their colleagues for quarterly Community Breakfasts. They are a complement to the New Faculty Foundations welcome each fall, and provide additional information and support for a successful career at Cal Poly. Three are scheduled during the academic year, each at the end of the quarter. They are free, and a delicious hot breakfast is served. It is also an excellent time to reconnect with peers from across campus and to meet new colleagues. Join us!

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    Learn by Doing - Cal Poly's Signature Pedagogy

    Slide Deck from New Faculty Foundations

    Learn by Doing is Cal Poly’s motto, but what does it really mean to incorporate LxD in the classroom? This slide deck provides an overview of the Learn by Doing philosophy and strategies for how to integrate Learn by Doing into your courses.

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    Teaching Resources

    The CTLT’s online teaching resources can help instructors design their courses and develop authentic assignments and assessments. We add resources frequently, so check back often. 

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    Learning Communities

    The CTLT offers several yearlong learning communities open to all Cal Poly faculty and staff. New faculty are encouraged to participate, as the learning communities provide practical information along with substantive engagement and collaboration. The "Getting a Good Launch" learning community is especially designed for newer faculty.

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    Along with yearlong learning communities, the CTLT offers workshops on a great range of teaching matters. Workshop announcements appear in the weekly CTLT newsletter and are available on our workshops page. Check frequently for updates. New faculty are also encouraged to browse our workshops-by-request list. We are happy to schedule and tailor a workshop for a cohort of faculty.

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    Faculty consulting


    The CTLT offers one-on-one, confidential consultations that enable all Cal Poly faculty (full or part-time) to enhance their teaching effectiveness, to discuss opportunities for teaching innovation, and to implement new pedagogies. Consultations provide a mechanism for faculty to reflect upon their teaching practice and to foster a community of outstanding teachers at CalPoly.

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    Office of the Registrar

    For forums and training guides regarding student registration, course waitlists & permissions, submitting grades, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and much more, please visit The Office of the Registrar website

    Office of the Registrar

    CSU Red Folder

    CSU Red Folder - Students in Distress

    The CSU Red Folder is a reference guide that contains safety tips and contact information for a wide variety of emergency campus resources to immediately help any student in distress, or who is self-dangerous or a threat to others. Access to the CSU Red Folder is available through your Cal Poly Portal, under the Staff and Training Tab.

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