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Online Finals - PolyLearn FAQ

Instructional Continuity

Any one of an array of events can disrupt faculty’s ability to teach courses via on-campus, in-class sessions. Cal Poly’s commitment to students includes making sure that we provide students an opportunity to complete courses despite disruptions, whenever possible. The steady advancement of communication and instructional technologies has greatly enhanced faculty’s opportunities to provide quality online learning experiences in these situations. With  planning, training on selected user-friendly technologies, and available mentoring on effective instruction, faculty can be better prepared to continue instruction through many different forms of instructional disruptions.

Final Examinations: PolyLearn FAQ

How can I quickly get my exam questions into the PolyLearn Quiz tool?
Us the AIKEN format. You can create multiple choice questions in Word, NotePad, or TextPad and import them into PolyLearn. How to create a Quiz using the AIKEN import (Video).

How do I create a Quiz in PolyLearn?
Please see our support siteHow to create a Quiz (Video).

What are the Quiz settings that help create a successful student experience?

  • Create a Practice Quiz for your students with all the same settings (earlier date/time) with one simple question. Give the students access to it early before the final. This will give the students a quiz to try and work out any bugs before they click on your Final. 
  • Keep the default setting - Open attempts are submitted automatically so if a student leaves the quiz, PolyLearn will submit the quiz. This will allow the system to Grade the quiz. If a Quiz is not submitted, then it will not appear for the faculty. 
    open attempts submit auto
  • Make sure you have multiple pages for your quiz. The Next button will connect to PolyLearn, save, and move on. If all the questions are on one page, the connect can get lost and the student looses all their entries. 
    PL Question Pages
  • If DRC students need more time, you can set individual times for students. This also works for students that may need another attempt. 

What Review Options can I use to support my online final?
While LMS quizzes are perfect for formative assessments, today we need to create online finals (summative assessments). The Review Options can prevent students from having access to questions after they complete the quiz. 
Review Options
Click on the (?) icons to view what options are provided for each. 
Students would see the points, but can not see the quiz again.
Student view

I decided to make my final optional. How can I reflect that in the PolyLearn Gradebook?
Faculty can Exclude the final for individual students. From the Grades > Single View...select the Final, then click on the Exclude check box for each student and Save.
excludePL grade

We can help you via email (polylearnsuport.calpoly.edu), scheduled consultations, and walk-in zoom sessions. 

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