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Robin Parent

At Utah State University, Robin taught English for fourteen years, directed the International English Program Courses, and worked with faculty in online teaching pedagogy through SyllaBase, WebCT, Blackboard, and Canvas. While working on her doctorate she continued in the English Department and also worked in the College of Education as a lecturer in multicultural education and a supervisor of student teaching. She also developed a hybrid student teaching experience, which enabled student teachers to experience both traditional and virtual teaching placements. At Cal Poly she has been involved with a variety of committees and councils, facilitated workshops, and consulted with many faculty in all six colleges.

It is through her eclectic educational background and life experiences that she finds her passion for helping to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment through education. Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that engaging in academic scholarship and activism with students and faculty leads to new ways of teaching, mentoring, and learning that disrupts the status quo, which can marginalize or oppress. She believes that together students, faculty and staff can co-create safer more inclusive spaces in classrooms, on campus, in the community, and globally.

Robin stays active in the scholarship of teaching and learning by attending and presenting at diverse academic conferences and workshops throughout the year. In 2013-2014 she presented at the CSU Teaching Symposium in March and will present at the National Women’s Studies Association in November. She also attended the WASC Assessment 101 workshop, AAC&U’s Diversity Conference, Threshold Concepts and Wicked Problems workshop, and will be attending the AAC&U’s Integrated Learning conference. She combines these experiences within the field along with continued practice in the classroom and professional development with faculty to increase awareness about the benefits and necessity of diversity and inclusivity in education and in life.

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