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Sustainability in the Curriculum

sustainability curriculumAs a polytechnic university, Cal Poly has long made sustainability a centerpiece of its educational purpose. That dedication is reflected in the campus's Sustainability Learning Objectives (SLOs) articulated as essential educational components for all students in all majors. Momentum is building on campus, as evidenced by achieving a STARS Silver Rating in 2017 from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). This page assembles the various programs and services that CTLT offers campus educators in support of enhancing and expanding sustainability across the curriculum in support of the SLOs and continued pursuit of advanced STARS ratings.

Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshops

By Request

Are you an instructor who is interested in teaching sustainability concepts in your classroom but need help identifying methods? These highly interactive workshops are for folks who want to learn more about the Sustainability Student Learning Outcomes and ways to infuse them into coursework. These workshops are interdisciplinary and introductory. 

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Quick Qualify Workshops


These workshops are interdisciplinary and intermediate with the purpose of helping you review and update your syllabus so that it qualifies for inclusion in the SUSCAT. They are designed to guide language revisions in course documents so that they more accurately reflect the way that the courses have already incorporated sustainability. This will not only communicate to students the role of sustainability in the courses but also allow each to contribute to Cal Poly's overall status on the AASHE ratings.

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Sustainability Course (Re)Design Retreat

Summer 2019

This 3-day summer retreat is meant to give educators time and space to design sustainability-focussed courses (or units within courses) in a collaborative and stimulating environment. In three days, you will take your initial concepts and build them into your course curriculum. This workshop is for those who want to integrate their passion for sustainability literacy into courses they are already teaching. 

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Teaching Sustainability Community of Practice (CoP)

Jan. 19, 2018

This is for all Cal Poly educators with interests in incorporating sustainability principles and practices across the curriculum. Participants will be collaborating on projects that explore methods and assess outcomes related to sustainability education in a wide variety of disciplines and courses. Findings could support refined approaches to curriculum infusion and scholarly work (e.g., presentations, publications).

Teaching Sustainability CoP page


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