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Effective Teaching with PolyLearnUsing PolyLearn

PolyLearn is Cal Poly’s learning management system, enabling faculty to provide students with 24-hour access to course content and materials, and supporting student learning through quizzes, surveys, discussion forums, and collaborative development spaces. PolyLearn also allows faculty to distribute grades, send messages and monitor student performance. Course shells are automatically created for each credit-bearing course. Instructors of record are assigned and students are enrolled via PeopleSoft. Course content can be reused and copied between quarters. 

Faculty and students can access PolyLearn via the Cal Poly Portal, in the "My Classes" portlet. To learn more about PolyLearn, please visit our support site at: http://polylearnsupport.calpoly.edu.

Please email polylearnsupport@calpoly.edu with any PolyLearn questions. 
The Instructional Designers and PolyLearn Support Staff within the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT) are available by appointment (http://polylearnsupport.calpoly.edu/Forms/ConsultationRequest.html) to support effective instructional methods within PolyLearn.


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