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Christina Diaz

Administrative SUPPORT Coordinator

Christina is the Administrative Support Coordinator. She manages the Center's calendar, coordinates staff and faculty events, and supervises our team of Cal Poly student workers. She is the primary contact for general inquiries about our Programs and Services. 

cdiaz46@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-5570

Pam Dougherty

Pam Dougherty, M.S.Ed

Instructional Designer & Accessibility specialist

Pam is an Instructional Designer and Accessibility Specialist. She assists faculty in course design and development, creating accessible course materials, and applying the principles of Universal Design for Learning to minimize barriers and maximize access for all students. Pam received her B.A. in Education from Humboldt State University in 2005, and M.S. in Education (option in Online Teaching & Learning) from CSU East Bay in 2014. Pam received certification from the California State University as a quality assurance course reviewer for online and hybrid courses, via the CSU Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) program. As an Instructional Designer, Pam supports faculty in online and hybrid course design, as well as exploration of innovative technologies and pedagogies for teaching and learning.

padoughe@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-7381

Luanne Fose

Luanne Fose, Ph.D.


Luanne has recently retired, and is likely at her piano, playing another of her myriad instruments, or catching a wave at the moment.

Catherine Hillman

Catherine Hillman, M.S.Ed

Instructional designer & Online Instruction specialist

Catherine Hillman is an Instructional Designer at the CTLT and guides faculty in applying transformational pedagogies to their courses, with particular focus on Hybrid and Online instruction methods. She consults in person and online using collaborative applications, and is the campus coordinator for the QA (Quality Assurance) initiative through the CSU.

cehillma@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-5576

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Sarah Macdonald

Sarah Macdonald, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Teaching

Sarah is CTLT's Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Teaching. Sarah's work is directed at promoting instructional improvements to achieve campus diversity and inclusion goals. She provides expertise and scholarship-informed guidance to individual faculty, departments, and colleges. Her work promotes inclusive and equitable teaching practices and supports faculty in incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the curriculum.

smacdo05@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-7635

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Tonia Malone

Tonia Malone, M.S.Ed

Instructional Designer & Lead LMS Admin

Tonia Malone is an Instructional Designer and Lead Canvas LMS  Administrator. Tonia is available for consultations for effective teaching with the LMS, using technologies for teaching and learning, as well as course redesign for hybrid, flipped, and online modalities.

tmalone@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-6336

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Patrick O'Sullvan

Patrick O'Sullivan, Ph.D.


Patrick provides leadership for the CTLT team working to enhance a campus culture that supports and values exemplary teaching to enhance student learning. Contact Patrick with inquiries regarding CTLT’s programs and services including new faculty support programs, customized workshops, collaboration on teaching and learning-related projects, program-level initiatives, and CSU course redesign grant programs.

posulliv@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-7244

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Dianna Winslow, Ph.D.

Assistant director / Writing Instruction specialist

Dianna is CTLT Assistant Director and Writing Instruction Specialist. Her work is directed at promoting and developing the Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines programs. She provides expertise and scholarship-informed guidance to individual faculty, departments, and colleges in developing and supporting teaching/curriculum that foster writing-rich learning environments and assessment.

diwinslo@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-7526

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