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Welcome from the CTLT Director


Dear Colleagues,

These are exhilarating – and challenging – times to be a university-level educator. Staff members at the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology are here to support you as you pursue the opportunities and take on the challenges.

As you look over the CTLT staff profiles, you will see a team of professionals that brings considerable expertise to our roles, assignments and mission. You may notice the many advanced degrees, the considerable experience teaching in college classrooms, and decades working in institutions of higher education.

What may not be apparent from these profiles, however, is the personal commitment and professional dedication that each of us brings to our work supporting you in pursuing your potential as an educator. I see that commitment and dedication every day working closely with the staff, and I too share their passion. We strive to contribute in substantial, tangible and enduring ways to your success and that of Cal Poly.

We also live what we advocate. We have a relentless focus on staying up to date with the scholarly work on effective teaching so that we provide well-informed, state-of-the-art recommendations. We work closely as colleagues to improve our programs and services, as we know that we will achieve more in collaboration than as a collection of individuals. We treat each other and all of our campus colleagues with the respect and professionalism that we all deserve. And also we listen carefully and welcome your ideas on how we can better serve you and the entire university community.

Patrick O'Sullivan, PhD. 

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