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News & EvetnsThe CTLT offers a rich variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year. This page includes information about upcoming events as well as other campus opportunities. We welcome all Cal Poly educators (faculty at all ranks and staff with an educational role) to attend and participate.

For more information and to register for an event, click on the corresponding entries, see our Calendar of Events, or contact the CTLT directly. If you would like to promote a teaching/learning themed event or opportunity to the Cal Poly campus through the CTLT, please contact us.

Please check our Calendar of Events for a list of events, dates, and times.


PolyLearn: Winter Workshops

2/16, 2/17

During Winter Quarter, there will be two PolyLearn Workshops held in 35-216b (PC lab).

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A Slice of Inspiration

Slices of Inspiration: Instructional Innovation Showcases

February 14, 22, and 28, 2017

Faculty can play a powerful role in making Cal Poly a more inclusive campus for students, and the Winter Instructional Innovation Showcase features examples of effective ways to do this. Faculty presenters this quarter were all participants in the first cohort of educators that completed an extended program developed and co-hosted last year by the CTLT and OUDI (Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity). All interested are welcome. All sessions are from 12:10-1:00 PM in 35-202a in Kennedy Library. Pizza and salad will be served. 

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Track & Field

eLearning Addendum Workshop

March 6-17, 2017

Launching a successful online or hybrid course starts long before the first day of class and engages practices and pedagogies that are slightly different than the face-to-face environment. This fully online workshop focuses on the local (Cal Poly) process for hybrid and online course approval, with an introduction to the CSU's QOLT(Quality in Online Learning and Teaching) exemplary course program. During this workshop, you will learn to navigate the eLearning Addendum and map out key timelines and calendar dates for submitting your course for hybrid or online approval. Stipend available.

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5 Habits to Create More Accessible Word Documents

February 23, 2017

Do you want to make more accessible Word documents for your students but you don't have the time? Come to this workshop and learn how to incorporate 5 habits into your document creation workflow to alleviate 90% of accessibility problems without adding to your document creation time. Instructor, Dr. Luanne Fose, will help you make the "magic" happen on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017, from 12:10-1:00 PM in the CTLT Large Conference Room (Kennedy Library, 319b).

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Book Circles

Winter Book Circles Start in January

Winter 2017

Five book circles are offered this Winter Quarter through the CTLT: "Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain, "Teach Students How To Learn" by Saundra McGuire, "The Eternal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot, "Underground Undergrads" by UCLA students, and "The Militarization of Indian Country" by Winona LaDuke. Our circles are open to all faculty and staff; the CTLT provides the books. They are a valuable way not only to engage intriguing topics relevant to our work as educators but also to make connections with colleagues across campus.

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large lecture hall

"Reinventing The Large Lecture" Learning Community

2016 - 2017

Large lectures present instructors with distinctive challenges when they strive to embrace Cal Poly's "Learn by Doing" pedagogical commitment. Is it feasible to include active learning, student engagement, collaboration, and frequent feedback in support of student learning in large lectures? Many innovative scholars have shown that it is not only feasible but quite effective. Stipends available.

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"Teaching Sustainability Across the Curriculum" Learning Community

2016 - 2017

Did you know that Cal Poly has "Sustainability Learning Objectives" necessary for all university graduates? If you are an educator who understands the importance of educating the next generation about sustainability principles and are interested in weaving sustainability principles in your course(s), this learning community is for you. Stipends available.

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teaching students

"Teaching Today's American Students" Learning Community

2016 - 2017

This is for educators who find it challenging to provide an effective learning experience for today's students. It is particularly well-suited for international faculty as well as anyone else seeking to connect better with American students. We will focus on achieving high success in student learning through activities based on community members' needs. Teaching will be central but we can also address other aspects of faculty life such as research, service, and life in the area. Stipends available.

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"Online and Hybrid Course Design and Instruction" Learning Community

2016 - 2017

Hybrid and online course design offers new and exciting ways to engage students beyond the lecture model, and deliver flexible learning opportunities for students as well as instructors. In addition, developing a hybrid course is excellent preparation for transitioning it into a quality fully online course. Stipends available.

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New CTLT - 319

CTLT Has Moved to 3rd Floor of Kennedy Library (35-319)

The Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology has moved upstairs in Kennedy Library to new offices in 35-319, where we share space with Academic Programs and Planning. Our new space includes a private consultation room and a conference room. Drop by and say hello! Our instructional space remains in 35-202a for the near future but we are developing plans to renovate our old office space (35-209) for our new instructional space in the coming year. 

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