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WorkshopsThroughout the academic year, including the summer, the CTLT offers scheduled workshops and Workshops By Request designed to support faculty and staff in creating rich learn-by-doing environments for students. Workshop topics encompass a wide range of topics such as effective teaching practices and the integration of various academic technologies. Our workshop offerings change quarterly; please check often for our updated schedules.

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Writing Retreats

Winter 2023 and Summer 2023

If some dedicated time and peer support will help you make significant progress as you hammer out that chapter, article, grant proposal, or creative project, then the CTLT’s upcoming three-day summer writing retreats are designed for you.

All retreats will take place in the Kennedy Library, on the third floor, northwest corner. These are designed as in-person retreats but can also be attended virtually.

Winter Break 2023 Retreat Date

January 4-6, Wed-Fri, 9:30am-3pm

Summer Break 2023 Retreat Dates

  • Session 1: June 20-22, Tues-Thurs, 9:30AM-3PM
  • Session 2: July 10-12, Mon-Wed, 9:30am-3pm
  • Session 3: August 8-10, Tues-Thurs, 9:30am-3pm

Learn more and register: Winter and Summer 2023 Writing Retreats

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Intro to Equitable and Inclusive Teaching

Next offered Spring 2023

Introduction to Equitable and Inclusive Teaching introduces faculty to evidence-based teaching strategies for equity and inclusion, supports faculty in developing an inclusive course climate, encourages faculty to reflect on the impacts of social identities in higher education teaching and learning environments, and supports faculty in further developing an equitable and inclusive teaching lens. Participating in this program is a way for you to contribute in concrete and powerful ways to our goals of making Cal Poly more equitable and inclusive. 

Learn More: Introduction to Equitable and Inclusive Teaching

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Inclusive Course Design: Implementing the UDL Guidelines

Winter 2023, January 17 - February 12

This 4-week cohort-based fully online workshop provides participants with methods and strategies to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning to course materials, activities and assessments. Participants will apply best practices in UDL to increase access, reduce barriers, and improve learning experiences for all students. Time commitment is 7-10 hours per week, depending on skill level and experience. $500 stipend for eligible participants.

Learn more and register: Inclusive Course Design

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Creating a Blended / Hybrid Course

winter 23:  February 12 - march 4

This three-week, fully online and asynchronous (no Zoom sessions) workshop will focus on best practices for revising your online course to be delivered in the blended (hybrid) format, including syllabus updates, course policies, and creating student-centered active learning components to maximize in-person portions of your course. By the end of this workshop, participants will design and complete one modular unit (typically 1 week) of a blended course incorporating best practices for delivery in both the online and in-person sections.

Learn more and register: Creating a Blended / Hybrid Course

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Creating Accessible Course Materials

Winter 2023, January 30 - February 26

This 4-week cohort-based fully online workshop provides faculty with hands-on experience creating accessible course materials, including an accessible Canvas page, an accessible Word document or PowerPoint presentation, and an instructional video with captions. You will also explore the Ally tool in Canvas to identify and fix inaccessible course content. Time commitment is 7-10 hours per week, depending on skill level and experience. $500 stipend for eligible participants.

Learn more and register: Creating Accessible Course Materials

                                    Faculty Writers' Accountability Group

                                     Academic Year 2022-2023

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This is a year-long writing community committed to making progress on scholarly writing and engaging with scholarship from the field of Rhetoric and Writing. The group meets weekly with facilitator Dr. Dianna Winslow, CTLT Assistant Director and Writing Instruction Specialist.

Start Date for Winter-Spring Quarters: February 10, 2022 - June 9, 2023

Day/Time: Fridays, 10:30am-12pm

Each week there are group check-ins to share the writing done for the week and planned for the following week. One-on-one consultations can be requested, as well as help from "buddy groups" for midweek encouragement when desired. Tara Gray's Publish and Flourish book and other occasional resources are used to shape weekly discussions about writing and research process.

Learn more and register: Faculty Writers' Accountability Group

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Assignment and Assessment Design to Promote Academic Integrity

winter 2023, Fridays, February 24-March 17, 1:10pm-2:00pm

Spring 2023, Fridays, April 21-May 12, 1:10pm-2:00pm

This workshop builds faculty knowledge about course design factors that enhance student self-efficacy and increase the promotion of academic integrity. Assignment and Assessment Design to Promote Academic Integrity reviews evidence-based teaching strategies for designing or revising course assignments to enhance students' learning, critical thinking, and reflection practices.

The workshop includes support for creating activities and assignments that meet desired course learning outcomes, increase intrinsic motivation, and promote students' honest engagement with learning processes.

Learn more and register: Assignment and Assessment Design to Promote Academic Integrity

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Writing in the Disciplines Intro and Practice

Next Offered Spring 2023

This workshop is offered in partnership with the Office of Writing and Learning Initiatives and is designed to create space for faculty to explore how writing operates within their disciplines and to develop writing learning outcomes for their courses.  

"Writing In the Disciplines Intro and Practice" provides evidence-based teaching strategies for using writing to enhance students' learning, critical thinking, and written communication practices.

This workshop aligns with campus efforts to expand Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) courses across the curriculum and includes information on the GWR course proposal process.

Learn more: Writing in the Disciplines Intro and Practice

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Examining Whiteness Foundational Series

Next Offered Spring 2023

Faculty and staff are invited to sign up for "Examining Whiteness,” a program inspired by Building Anti-Racist White Educators (BARWE). The Examining Whiteness foundational series is designed as a first step for White educators toward engaging in critical reflection on Whiteness and working toward antiracism.  

Learn more: Examining Whiteness

faculty in the new faculty orientationCTLT Book Circles


The CTLT hosts book circles every academic quarter and during summers. They are open to all Cal Poly educators. Selected books draw from a broad array of thoughtful and inspiring educational literature. 

Learn more and register for current book circles: CTLT Book Circles.

Bloom's wheel of categoriesNew! Self-paced module: Creating Effective Learning Objectives

Always available

Developing clear learning objectives is a fundamental element of effective course design, yet not all instructors have had the opportunity to learn to write effective and measurable learning objectives. This self-paced module provides guidance and instructions for those who are new to writing learning objectives, and those who may wish to review and revise current objectives.

Self-enroll: Creating Effective Learning Objectives

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Self-paced Accessibility Modules

Always available

Accessibility is an essential part of course design and ensures that all students have equitable access to learning. Select any of the links below to self-enroll in an online module to learn how to create accessible course content.

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Canvas Webinar Recordings

Always available

We have been providing live webinars since Jan. 2020 and adding the recorded links to the Canvas Workshop and Events page. Please check out the page for items, such as:

  • Introduction to Canvas
  • Using Templates
  • Creating Content
  • Gradebook Setup
  • Secure Exams
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Zoom Webinar Recordings

Always available

We have provided live webinars and added the recorded links to the CTLT Zoom page. Please check out the page for items, such as:

  • Tips for Better Virtual Teaching
  • Creating Zoom Meetings
  • Teaching with Zoom
  • Zoom Features
  • Accessibility


The CTLT offers one-on-one, small group, and departmental consultations that enable all Cal Poly faculty and staff, either full or part-time, to enhance their teaching effectiveness, discuss opportunities for teaching innovation, and implement new pedagogies. Consultations provide a mechanism for educators to reflect upon their teaching practices and develop a research-informed plan to improve student learning. ​

For information on CTLT Staff expertise and consultation topics, visit CTLT Consultations. 

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