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Artificial Intelligence Buffet

April 15 - 26, May 6-17

Green and gold sign saying AI Buffet over long table of delicious food

Are you curious about AI but not sure where to start?

This two-week, self-paced workshop introduces the history of AI (including generative AI which is in the news right now), a smattering of technology, some ethical considerations, and a whole bunch of interesting applications you can use right away to see what AI is capable of (or not).

The information is presented as a type of buffet, where you can put as much or as little on your plate as you like. We’ll have one optional Zoom discussion each workshop where you can find other diners on their journey to consume AI information as well.

Optional Zoom meetings will take place on Wednesday of the second week of each workshop - for April's workshop we'll meet from 1-2pm, and for May's workshop we'll meet from 11am until noon.

[Image: Bing - "Green & Gold sign AI Buffet over a long table of delicious food"]


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