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The Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology is Cal Poly’s teaching support team serving the entire campus. Our purpose is to provide all Cal Poly educators with the information and support they need to develop the skills and knowledge to accelerate their journey toward teaching excellence.

We provide a broad range of programming and services in support of Cal Poly’s “Learn By Doing” philosophy updated for the 21st Century. Our support opportunities are scholarship-informed, designed to model effective instruction practices, tailored to the realities of educators’ priorities and needs, and focused on well-defined outcomes that can be put into practice. We offer confidential consultations and customized programming. We welcome collaborations with colleges, departments, and faculty cohorts to help develop effective responses to teaching and learning opportunities and challenges.

We are located in the Kennedy Library (35) in room 319.


CTLT was established in summer 2012 in a reorganization involving the former Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technology. The CTL, under Academic Personnel, had served the campus since 2001 with events, workshops, and grant programs. Academic Technology had been created in spring 2012 as a unit of Information Services. The reorganization moved the CTL’s operations and staff from Academic Personnel into Information Services and merged them with Academic Technology to create CTLT. A realignment in January 2014 moved CTLT out of Information Services to Academic Programs and Planning.

Team Members

Members of the CTLT team come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds but we share a deep interest in the scholarship on teaching and learning as well as a passion for sharing what we have learned with our colleagues. Team members are listed below, and individual profiles are available on our Team Members page.

Patrick O'Sullivan




Cindi Jenkins

Administrative Coordinator



Dianna Winslow

Writing Instruction Specialist



In recruitment

Inclusive Excellence Specialist



Catherine Hillman

Supervisor, Instructional Support



Luanne Fose

Lead Instructional Designer/Multimedia Specialist



Tonia Malone

Instructional Designer & Lead Moodle Admin



Pamela Dougherty

Instructional Designer & Accessibility Specialist



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