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Teaching with TechnologyUsed effectively, technology can greatly enhance student learning and engagement. Used poorly, technology can distract from teaching and learning. The CTLT is dedicated to assisting faculty to make well-informed choices about whether to use a technology for a particular purpose, and if so when and how to utilize it to  benefit the teaching and learning process the most. In this way we support Cal Poly's commitment to teaching excellence by guiding faculty consideration of rich and innovative ways to incorporate technology into their courses to maximize student success. We offer resources on a wide variety of instructional technologies and pedagogies from screencasting and video captioning to their use in flipped, hybrid and online course design and teaching. Our online resources can support your efforts to use technology smartly and efficiently

Instructional Software Support Resources

Cal Poly provides campus educators with a set of instructional software that complements the Canvas learning management system and its extensive set of tools. The links below are to pages offering technical support and guidance for effective use in instruction.

Software Tutorials | LinkedIn Learning

You can learn a particular software on your own by watching video tutorials available on the Cal Poly license to LinkedIn Learning.com. There are literally hundreds of software applications covered by some of the best teachers in the business.


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