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Writing is a tool that both fosters learning and demonstrates learning. As a complex linguistic and cognitive task, writing well requires rhetorical and disciplinary knowledge, logical reasoning, and a facility with standard written conventions. To develop these competencies, students must write frequently and throughout their university experience. Research on the teaching of writing strongly shows that writing is best learned when it is integrated and taught across the entire academic community. 

These writing resources offer guidelines for developing purposeful writing assignments; using writing to explore content and foster learning; providing effective feedback; and managing the paper load. Along with these resources, please visit the Writing Matters webpage for a list of current Writing Instruction workshops and faculty-focused scholarly Writing Retreats. Additionally, the CTLT is available to consult with instructors and programs on any writing-related issues. To arrange for an individual consultation or to coordinate a workshop for your program, please contact Dr. Dianna Winslow, CTLT Assistant Director and Writing Instruction Specialist.

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