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The CTLT is committed to supporting faculty who are interested in teaching online courses at Cal Poly. We offer a variety of opportunities for hands-on course development resources, help with the Curriculum modification process, and informal reviews of your course.

We adhere to the CSU standards for Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Rubric , a set of objectives and feedback tools built to encourage quality hybrid and online course development. Every year, hundreds of online and hybrid courses are submitted to the CSU for this peer review process. The CTLT will support all Cal Poly instructors interested in preparing their online and hybrid course for the review process.

Important Information for potential online instructors:

Please review the Curriculum Handbook for information about submitting your course modification proposal. The CTLT offers a self-paced online workshop to walk you through the proposal process.

2022-23 Formal Course Reviews offered by Online Course Services on behalf of the CSU

The CSU Chancellor’s Office, Academic Technology Services, has established a Formal Course Review process for online courses across the 23-campus system. Utilizing a team approach, three certified CSU reviewers analyze each course from the student perspective and apply the QLT Rubric to the course, providing affirmation of quality components, as well as feedback for areas of improvement. The goal is to have each reviewed course obtain at least 85% of the points possible while meeting all core standards in the rubric being applied. Once the course meets these criteria, the instructor receives a certification letter and is given a unique certification mark they may place inside the course (e.g, LMS header of the course). Courses meeting this level of certification are also recognized on campus and system wide websites. Learn more here: CSU Online Course Services

The QLT Rubric

The Quality Learning & Teaching Rubric is comprised of 52 objectives organized into nine sections, with 24 "Core" elements that must be present in an online course. These sections are offered below as a preview of the rubric:

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