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Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

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Creating accessible course materials and reducing barriers to learning are essential components of an equitable student experience. The California State University Accessible Technology Initiative (CSU ATI) was established in 2006 to provide resources, support, and guidance for all CSU campuses to comply with federal accessibility requirements (Section 508). A larger goal is to help campuses create inclusive learning spaces that provide equitable and flexible access to all electronic information and resources, including course materials for students. 


The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) provides support for instructors to create accessible course materials and ensure students with disabilities have equitable access to learning. Explore the list of workshops and resources below:

Self-paced online workshops 

Please select the links below to self-enroll:

  • Creating Accessible Canvas Content: Do you want to create accessible Canvas Content for your students? This self-paced online module provides guidance to help you create an accessible Canvas content page. You will also learn how to check your course content for accessibility.
  • Creating Accessible Documents: Do you want to create fully accessible course documents for your students? This self-paced online module provides guidance to help you create an accessible Word document and convert to an accessible PDF.
  • Creating Accessible Videos: Do you want to create accessible videos for your students? This self-paced online module provides guidance to help you create a short instructional video with captions. You will also learn how to find help for captioning videos that you did not create.

Cohort-based Workshops

  • Creating Accessible Course Materials: This 4-week fully online workshop provides tools and strategies to guide faculty in the creation of accessible course materials. Join your colleagues in learning to create an accessible document, video with captions, and accessible Canvas page. Find current listings on the CTLT Workshops page.
  • Inclusive Course Design: Implementing the UDL Guidelines: This 4-week fully online workshop provides conceptual frameworks and concrete practical strategies to guide faculty in building course materials based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning. Find current listings on the CTLT Workshops page.

Canvas and Ally

Canvas is Cal Poly's learning management system (LMS) where students access their coures. Ally is a tool within Canvas that helps instructors identify and fix inaccessible course content. Learn more by selecting the links below:


Explore the resources below to learn more about creating an inclusive classroom experience for your students:

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