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Program-Level Assessment of Student Learning

Program AssessmentAre the students in your program learning what you intend for them to learn -- and how do you know? This is the question at the core of inquiry-based program-level assessment of student learning. Experts strongly recommend comprehensive, collaborative faculty engagement with program-level assessment of student learning for greater accuracy, utility, and value. Continuous improvement depends on the collective knowledge and judgments of all the faculty who teach in the program. Faculty are most familiar with course assessments to measure student learning and determine grades. In contrast, they may be far less familiar with best practices for program-level assessment, which involves gathering evidence from many individual courses to gain insights into the curriculum's overall effectiveness achieving program goals for student learning. The CTLT partners with Academic Programs and Planning, which oversees Program Assessment campuswide, to provide faculty with professional development opportunities to support their contributions related to program-level assessment of student learning. The CTLT's role is to provide faculty with the support that they need to be informed, effective participants in all aspects of creating and implementing their program's assessment plans.

Curriculum Mapping Workshop

Fall quarter 2023

This workshop is designed specifically to support faculty who are leading the preparation of their program's curriculum map, which are due soon to Academic Programs and Planning as part of annual program improvement efforts. The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to lead the collaborative work creating a high-quality program curriculum map. The result will be a more accurate and informative curriculum map in preparation for the semester-based curriculum.

Academic Programs and Planning's submission deadline for program curriculum maps is Monday, October 16. To recognize the value of faculty participation in curriculum map development, APP is offering a deadline extension to Wednesday, Nov. 1 for programs that participate in this workshop.


The workshop is designed for teams of 2-4 from each program, including each program's assessment and curriculum coordinators/chairs, and other faculty interested in expanding their expertise in curriculum design and assessment. Each team member please register individually.

NOTE: If only a single representative from your program is able to attend the workshop, they are also welcome to join us.

Workshop Structure

The workshop consists of two 1.5-hour sessions two weeks apart, which includes time for hands-on work on your own program's map. The time between sessions is to provide participants with opportunities to consult with program colleagues so that the resulting map better represents the collective knowledge and judgments of the faculty who teach courses in the program. Lunch will be provided.

Workshop Dates and Times

Two date/time options are offered to try to maximize opportunities for participation:

    •    October 3 and October 17 (Tuesdays) 11 am-12:30 pm

    •    October 4 and October 18 (Wednesdays) 11 am-12:30 pm   
Participants/teams are invited to stay during an optional 30-minute open lab working session after each workshop meeting. Workshop facilitators will be on hand for Q & A and personalized support.


This workshop is co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology; Academic Programs and Planning (APP), and the Academic Assessment Council (AAC).


Program Assessment Workshop Series (in development)

This workshop series will provide faculty across campus professional development support for the breadth of tasks and skills needed for efficient and effective program assessment design and implementation. Workshop topics are those commonly encountered by those tackling program assessment and Program Review. 

All workshops are engaging, hands-on experiences designed to help you make significant and positive progress in your program assessment project. The series will also develop your understanding of assessment theory and expertise in assessment-related topics and activities, which can benefit any educator. 

This series is a partnership between the CTLT and Academic Programs and Planning.


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