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Syllabus Statements: Academic Support for Students

Syllabus statements are an important way for faculty to accomplish a number of useful goals at the outset of each course: Reduce the number of predictable questions from students, help establish students' expectations about the course at the outset, reduce students’ uncertainty (and increase their comfort level) about you and the course, generate more positive perceptions about who you are and how you will conduct the class, and convey your commitment to supporting them as individuals. These pages offer information about several categories of recommended syllabus statements, each offering examples and downloads of language that can be copied or revised for individual faculty use in course syllabi.

Academic Support for Students

The Writing and Learning Center supports academic achievement by offering free peer-to-peer tutoring for over 250 courses and subjects across all six colleges. A syllabus statement with information about how to access learning support services can help communicate to students that seeking academic support is a positive behavior that can assist them in achieving academic success.

Syllabus Statements Model Language

The Writing and Learning Center provides free peer tutoring to all Cal Poly students. Supporting over 250 courses and subjects across all six colleges, the center offers a unique virtual space for students across disciplines to share learning strategies and collaborate toward meeting the expectations of course assignments, projects, exams, and essays. On average, the center hosts nearly 12,000 student consultations each academic year. Seeking help through learning support services like the Writing and Learning Center is a positive behavior that will assist you in attaining academic success. For instructions on how to connect with a tutor, please watch this short video on Connecting with a Tutor in the Writing and Learning Center. For additional information, visit the Writing and Learning Center website.

NOTE: Faculty are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the resources available for student academic support by visiting the websites for the Writing and Learning Center and the Office of Writing and Learning Initiatives. Faculty are welcome to contact Executive Director, Dr. Dawn Janke, at djanke@calpoly.edu to discuss writing and learning support options for their specific courses.

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