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Syllabus Statements: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Syllabus statements are an important way for faculty to accomplish several useful goals at the outset of each course: Reduce the number of predictable questions from students, help establish students' expectations about the course at the beginning, reduce students’ uncertainty (and increase their comfort level) about you and the course, generate more positive perceptions about who you are and how you will conduct the class, and convey your commitment to supporting them as individuals. These pages offer information about several categories of recommended syllabus statements, each offering examples, and downloads of language that can be copied or revised for individual faculty use in course syllabi.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Many students are impacted by alcohol and drug use. Some students are experimenting as they begin college, while others may have a substance use disorder or be in recovery. Campus Health and Wellbeing strives to promote lasting wellness and support all students in making safer decisions with their drug and alcohol use. A syllabus statement with helpful resources can make a difference and provide students with the help and support they need.

Syllabus Statements Language Model

Many students are impacted by alcohol and drug use while in college, and I want to make sure you have the support you need to thrive personally and academically. Wellbeing Services offers a variety of alcohol and drug resources to support students in making safer, healthier decisions. If you have any concerns about your substance use, I encourage you to reach out and utilize the services below: 

  • Wondering how much is too much? Take this anonymous, online assessment and find out. You’ll receive personalized feedback on your alcohol or drug use and tips to stay safer. 
  • In recovery? Mustangs for Recovery holds regular weekly meetings and provides a place to connect with fellow peers in the Cal Poly recovery community.

For more information, please visit the Wellbeing Services webpage.


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