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Syllabus Statements: Disability Support Resources

Syllabus statements are an important way for faculty to accomplish a number of useful goals at the outset of each course: Reduce the number of predictable questions from students, help establish students' expectations about the course at the outset, reduce students’ uncertainty (and increase their comfort level) about you and the course, generate more positive perceptions about who you are and how you will conduct the class, and convey your commitment to supporting them as individuals. These pages offer information about several categories of recommended syllabus statements, each offering examples and downloads of language that can be copied or revised for individual faculty use in course syllabi.

Disability Support Resources

Cal Poly provides substantial support for students with various disabilities that can hinder equitable access to their education. A syllabus statement about these resources is important for those students who are working with the Disabilities Resource Center (and especially those who have declined the disability designation) to know that you support them and their rights to DRC's assistance and services.

Syllabus Statements for Accessibility

It is University policy to provide, on a flexible and individualized basis, reasonable accommodations to students who have disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in course activities or to meet course requirements. If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and the Disability Resource Center, Building 124, Room 119, at (805) 756-1395, as early as possible in the term. Apply for Disability Services or email drc@calpoly.edu.

Ally and Immersive Reader

Canvas has two new features that provide students with options for accessing and perceiving content in ways that work best for them: Ally Alternative Formats and Immersive Reader are available on every Canvas page. Students can use Alternative Formats to convert text and document files to other formats such as EPUB, HTML, Electronic Braille, BeeLine reader, and even MP3 for listening. Students can use Immersive Reader to hear text on a page read aloud, or customize text size, color, contrast and spacing for easier viewing. Consider including the following links for students in your Syllabus, with your Accessibility Statement:

NOTE: To see additional resources visit Disability Resource Center: Syllabus Statements and Design

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