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ACUE Microcredential Application Form | Winter 2024

This is the application form for participation in the ACUE Microcredential during Winter Quarter 2024. This workshop is an opportunity to enhance faculty capacity to strengthen student success at Cal Poly. Selection of participants will be guided by the principle of seeking to generate the most long-term benefits for faculty participants and Cal Poly students consistent with campus priorities for curriculum improvements and student success.


What are your pronouns? (optional) To learn more about pronouns: Pronouns Matter
Do you have any accessibility needs? If so, please let us know below.
Briefly explain why you are a good fit to participate in this program and specifically the goals for this cohort. What do you expect to gain from this experience for your teaching career?
Two complementary goals for this program are to (1) strengthen your instruction skills and (2) strengthen your contributions to DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in the curriculum. Please briefly describe your current abilities in these two areas and explain how participating in this program would enhance your capabilities in each as an educator.
Please identify the course (number and name) that you propose as the focus of your participation in this program. (Ex: BIO 161: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology).
Please briefly explain why this course is a good fit for your experiences in this cohort program. What are your priorities to improve this course and to enhance your skills teaching it?
For your focus course, how many students do you expect to typically teach each academic year? (# sections you teach x # of students/section)? (Estimate is fine!)
Please indicate whether your selected focus course is a General Education course, a core (required) course in your department's curriculum for the major, or a non-GE elective.
If there are other factors that you consider to be relevant regarding your application for this cohort, you can share them briefly here.

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