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Hybrid & Online Course Support

For Cal Poly faculty interested in modifying an existing Face to Face (F2F) course, or proposing and creating a new course, in the hybrid (50% or more substitution of seat time for online learning opportunities) or online (100% substitution of seat time for online learning opportunities) modalities, the CTLT staff offers a variety of assistance, and most workshops also offer a stipend for successful completion:

Submitting the eLearning Addendum

The first step in launching your hybrid or online course is to modify your existing course or propose your new course, and initiate the eLearning Addendum. We offer a fully online workshop at various times in the year, or we will work with you personally to help in every step of the process. (Participants who complete this workshop earn a $200 stipend.)

Springboard to the QOLT rubric

This fully online workshop offers the "Start Here" resource book template for your online students, and covers a significant portion of the QOLT rubric in just a few easy steps (we've done the heavy lifting for you!) This workshop is offered several times a year. (Participants who complete this workshop earn a $200 stipend.)

Intro to Screencasting

This online four-week workshop focuses on learning how to produce quality screencasts with Camtasia for the Macintosh or Windows platforms using best practices and helpful tips to make the process flow smoother and result in a quality production for better learning. (Participants who complete this workshop earn a $200 stipend.)

UDL and Media Accessibility

This workshop is the third course in our series for faculty who are interested in teaching an online or hybrid course that meets the standards of the CSU’s Quality Online Learning & Teaching (QOLT) rubric. This fully online workshop addresses nine of the sub-standards within the QOLT rubric that apply to aspects of universal design and making your media accessible. (Participants who complete this workshop earn a $200 stipend.)

Mastering PolyLearn 

Offered in a variety of workshops throughout the year, or you can contact us through the Consultation Request form for one-on-one assistance (currently no stipend is offered for this training).

For information about any of these upcoming workshops, please watch the CTLT newsletter, or contact the CTLT.

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