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Let's Review!

To assist with the review of your course design, we encourage you to use the following checklist. Feel free to contact the CTLT for additional assistance. We are pleased to consult on any aspect of course design.  



Image of a checklistCourse Design Checklist

_____You have identified situational factors for your course, including the needs of your students, department, and community. 

_____ You have identified a key pedagogical challenge for your course.

_____ At least one of your learning objectives addresses a key pedagogical challenge.

_____ The course learning objectives focus on what students will be able to do.   

_____ The learning objectives include a single, measurable action verb

_____The learning objectives avoid vague and confusing verbs such as know and understand.

_____ The learning objectives are aligned with appropriate assessments and course activities.

_____ The learning objectives include a variety of assessment modes for various learning styles.

_____ The course utilizes a variety of meaningful in-class and out-of-class learning tasks.

_____ The course outline and structure support the learning objectives and their alignment with assessments and activities.

_____The syllabus includes the course learning objectives.

_____ The syllabus contains information specified by Cal Poly’s Academic Senate

_____ The syllabus contains promising elements – inclusive language in the course description, a rationale for policies and procedures, a clear statement about course expectations and course assignments.

_____ Along with an official course evaluation, the course will include opportunities for instructor and students to reflect on the progress of the course.


Please Share Your Work

Do you like your course design? If so, please consider sharing your materials with the CTLT. We will use them to provide rich examples for other instructors. The stronger the examples of effective and integrated course design, the richer our teaching and learning community will be.


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