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The Cal Poly Coronavirus Information Page is the central source of Cal Poly-relevant information about COVID-19 and is updated regularly.

Syllabus Statement

The multi-part statement below provides detailed guidance to students about their responsibilities when on campus and while interacting with instructors and classmates. We encourage you to consider incorporating some or all of this statement in your syllabi.

COVID-19 Compliance, Classroom, and Campus Safety

Cal Poly is committed to protecting the health and safety of the campus community. Taking preventative steps, as well as monitoring your health and staying home if you are feeling unwell, will help protect the entire Cal Poly community.

By participating in this course, you agree to abide by all campus safety protocols. Please note that safety protocols may change throughout the quarter. You must follow all protocols as outlined in the most recent campus updates including:


All students, faculty, and staff who access campus, or any CSU facilities, are required either to be fully vaccinated or to qualify for a medical or religious exemption.  

Face Coverings

Per Cal Poly policy, you must always properly wear a face covering in the classroom, regardless of vaccination status. If you are seen in class without a face covering or are wearing it improperly, you will be invited to put one on or be reminded to wear it properly. Acceptable face coverings must: 

  • Completely cover the nose and mouth. 
  • Fit snugly against the side of the face with secured ties/ear loops. 
  • Allow breathing without restriction. 
  • Be clean and undamaged. Wash your hands before putting on a face covering. 

If you do not have a face covering with you, you will be asked to visit the nearest sanitation station to get one and then return to class. If you refuse to wear a face covering in the classroom, you will be asked to leave and will be counted absent for the day. Students not in compliance with face covering requirements also may be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. While campus policy states, “Individuals do not need to wear a face covering while alone in their residence or personal/private office, or while eating or drinking,” eating and drinking [will] not be permitted in the classroom. More information on face covering requirements is available on the Face Coverings webpage. [Note to faculty: Please check the OSRR website for more updates related to face coverings non-compliance.] 

Testing and Compliance

Unvaccinated students must participate in ongoing COVID-19 testing and reporting as required by the University. Check the COVID-19 Info tab on your portal daily to determine your testing requirement and compliance status. If you are required to participate in ongoing testing, be reminded that it is your responsibility to do so. More details are available on the COVID-19 Testing webpage. 

Failure to comply with testing requirements may result in restrictions from campus services, spaces, and applications, including access to the Cal Poly Portal, Canvas, and Zoom. You will receive several notifications before restrictions occur; please heed those notifications and alert me in advance of restrictions from campus applications. Be reminded that University policy states, “campus email is an official method of campus communication to students and may be used as the sole method of communication for some campus matters.” Campus policy will be followed, and communications will be initiated through Cal Poly email.  An absence, including any late or missed work, due to testing non-compliance restrictions [may be] considered unexcused and is subject to the course attendance and make-up work policies. 

Daily Symptoms Screening

You must complete the daily health screening by noon (12 p.m.) or before arriving on campus, whichever comes first, to receive a campus pass, regardless of vaccination status. Upon completion of the daily health screening, you will receive a daily campus pass. I will be utilizing the campus pass as a safety measure for our classroom community; please be prepared to show your pass upon entry to class. Only students with a green pass will be allowed to attend the day’s class session. Note that having a blue pass does not fall within the University’s attendance guidelines for excused absences. Absences due to a blue pass are therefore subject to course attendance and make-up work policies. Please visit the COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening webpage for more information on the campus pass. 

Please follow current health and safety guidelines, monitor yourselves for COVID-19 symptoms, stay home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, and get tested if you are symptomatic or learn that a close contact has been infected. Learn more about protecting your health and well-being while on campus by visiting the university’s Coronavirus Information webpage.  


Everyone will need to adhere to all health and safety signage and continue following good pandemic hygiene, including washing hands often. Cal Poly is taking several steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Along with increased cleaning and sanitation, the university is also placing hand-sanitizing stations around campus to promote behaviors that reduce transmission; please take advantage of the university’s sanitation stations.  

Isolation and Quarantine

The University expects currently enrolled students who may have COVID-19 symptoms to self-isolate in their rooms until their diagnosis is known. Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be directed to isolate from others for at least 10 days. As your instructor, I support these practices because they will help maintain a healthy and safe classroom environment. 
As soon as you know you will be absent from class and/or unable to complete coursework for a known COVID- related issue, please email me right away, including proof of a yellow (quarantine) or red (isolation) status and/or a screenshot of the campus pass for the day of the absence(s). If you are unable to contact me due to an extenuating circumstance, please follow the guidance outlined on the Instructor Notification of Student Absence webpage on the Dean of Students website to ensure someone connects with me about your absence(s). 
Please be aware, pursuant to the class attendance policy, isolation and quarantine due to COVID-19 is an excused absence and will allow you to make up missed work, which may include virtual opportunities for major assignments and exams. In the event of these circumstances, you are encouraged to get notes from a classmate to ensure you stay current on class discussions and activities that you may miss. If you aren’t personally connected with anyone in the class, please let me know and, following your permission in writing, I will do my best to find someone willing to share their class notes while keeping your status confidential. Finally, if you find yourself struggling with course materials while absent, please consider working virtually with a tutor at the Writing and Learning Center and/or requesting a virtual office hour meeting with me so I can help you maintain engagement while keeping a safe distance. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is also available to support you in the event of an extended-length absence.
Please note that faculty are not required to teach a course in more than one modality. That means you likely will not be provided a virtual version of every lesson delivered in person or every course activity assigned. That said, I understand this is a challenging time for all of us, and I will do my best to support you should you be asked to isolate or quarantine. Please stay in touch with me about COVID-related absences; I will keep your status confidential.

Following the safety protocols above will help to protect your safety, the safety of our classroom, and the safety of the entire Cal Poly community. If you believe that you cannot comply with any of the COVID-19 related health/safety measures due to a medical condition or disability, please contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC).  The DRC will then engage in an interactive process with you to determine whether an accommodation is appropriate under the circumstances. 


Your presence in class is your attestation that you are in compliance with the University's COVID safety protocols: face coverings, daily health screenings, and ongoing testing as applicable, and that you are present in class with a green campus pass. If you misrepresent your campus pass status, you are in violation of the university's code of conduct, will be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and are subject to failing this class. I may conduct random or daily checks of the campus pass so please be prepared to share your pass when asked. [optional: I also expect you to have proof of a blue, yellow, or red pass via a forwarded email or screenshot from a particular date on which you were absent from class for a COVID-related reason]. Thank you for doing your part to ensure the health and wellbeing of our classroom community.

Attestation Form for Collection

*Note: Faculty may consider adapting the statement above as an attestation form that they ask students to sign. See an example below:

I attest that, by virtue of my presence in class, I am in compliance with the University's COVID safety protocols: face coverings, daily health screenings, and ongoing testing as applicable, and that I am present in class with a green campus pass. I understand that if I misrepresent my campus pass status, I will be in violation of the university's code of conduct, will be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and may be subject to failing this class. I also understand that I may be asked randomly or daily to share my campus pass and will be prepared to do so.  I also will be prepared provide evidence of a blue, yellow, or red pass from a particular date on which I am absent from class for a COVID-related reason. I commit to doing my part to ensure the health and wellbeing of our classroom community.
Signature: ____________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________

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