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Effective Teaching PracticesThe ETP program is a set of professional development experiences providing a deep dive into effective teaching principles and practices. It utilizes the curriculum of the Association of Colleges and University Educators (ACUE) accompanied by support of Cal Poly peer mentors. In this program, faculty can either complete 25 modules to earn the ACUE's Certificate in Effective College Instruction or complete six modules to earn an ACUE microcredential on a particular theme. This is the fourth year that the CTLT has offered the ACUE-grounded program at Cal Poly. This program is a component of Cal Poly's Graduation Initiative Equity Priority 5 Project.

Program Overview

Completing the ACUE's Certificate in Effective College Instruction is a challenging and rewarding professional development experience exploring and applying scholarship-informed course design principles and instructional practices. To be successful requires participants to commit to the program and to be willing (and able) to designate several hours each week throughout the academic year for each of the modules: reading, viewing, commenting in discussions and composing reflections.

In recognition of demands on faculty time and energy, the program schedule offers some flexibility but consistency is essential for participants to gain the most benefits. Modest stipend ($1,000) is available as an incentive and to recognize the accomplishment of a successful completion.

AY 2023-24 Participation Priority: Early Career Faculty

Participation in the ACUE teaching certificate this academic year is prioritized for newer faculty as an important component of Cal Poly's Graduation Initiative Equity Priority 5 Project. Providing newer faculty with a solid foundation of core principles and practices of effective teaching will prepare them for more fruitful engagement with a broad array of professional development opportunities learning and implementing more equitable and more inclusive teaching.

ACUE Curriculum Overview

The ACUE curriculum includes 25 modules organized into four microcredentials, each (usually) composed of six modules:

  1. Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment
  2. Designing Learner-Centered and Equitable Courses
  3. Promoting Active Learning
  4. Inspiring Inquiry and Preparing Lifelong Learners

Participants will begin the program the first week of October and complete the first microcredential before Winter Break. Modules for the next three microcredentials are distributed across Winter and Spring Quarters. The program concludes in early June.

The commitment is 2-3 hours a week for each module, and the work is whenever you have time in your weekly schedule -- all materials and communications are online, all course activities are asynchronous.

Program Design

The program is designed with elements that will foster connections among participating faculty, provide a supportive learning environment, facilitate faculty's successful progress through the curriculum and promote thoughtful and effective implementation of new knowledge and methods that benefit student success.

More on the ETP program design

Program Cohort

Participating faculty will consist of new and early career faculty. All faculty will progress through the same curriculum, and the connections and mutual support from collaborating with cohort colleagues at similar career stages and with similar instructional challenges can enhance learning experiences and improve course redesigns.


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