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Foundations of College Teaching Workshop Series | Fall 2023

This workshop series is a select set of hands-on, foundation-level workshops that introduce and provide guidance on high-priority teaching skills for college instruction at Cal Poly. They are offered before Fall Conference week and during the Fall term so that what is learned can be applied right away in Fall Quarter classes.

  • The workshops are designed for educators who have had modest amounts of mentoring or guidance on effective teaching. Workshops may be of special interest to faculty who are industry experts hired as lecturers with minimal or no prior college-level teaching experience, as well as to new PhDs from degree programs that had few opportunities to develop teaching skills. Any educator interested in updating and refreshing their teaching knowledge and skills is also welcome. 

  • Some workshops are followed by an open lab time for some hands-on work as opportunities to put the recommended teaching practices into action. The lab sessions are also opportunities to learn with faculty colleagues through sharing reflections, exchanging feedback, and participating in discussions. 

NOTE: Workshops are listed in a table by title and then below that in a table listing them by date.

To register visit the CTLT Foundations of College Teaching registration webpage.

Workshops By Title | Fall 2023

  • Online sessions will be via Zoom, with the link provided at registration.
  • On-site workshops will be in Chase Hall (Bldg 115), Room 104. This is the CTLT's new workshop location during the library renovation over the next two years.
Title Description Dates/Times
Canvas: Introduction

Learn the basics of Cal Poly Canvas’ login, navigation, tools, and menus. Support resources such as; course templates, online self-paced courses, web resources, email, chat, and consultations.

- Sept 13, 9 am-10 am (Online/Zoom)

- Sept 14, 3 pm-4 pm (Online/Zoom)

- Also recorded webinar on demand


Canvas: Assessment and Gradebook


Get an overview of Canvas Assessments tools and when to use them. Since all graded assessments will be added to the Gradebook, faculty will also learn about Gradebook settings and layout.

- Sept 13, 10 am-11 am (Online/Zoom)

- Sept 14, 4 pm-5 pm (Online/Zoom)

- Also recorded webinar on demand


Creating an Effective Syllabus

Learn about required and recommended elements of effective syllabi that will engage and motivate students in your courses. This is an opportunity to draft revised versions of your syllabus for reflection and feedback from colleague participants.

- Sept 13, 11 am-12:30 pm


Assignment Design

This workshop explores how well-designed and purposeful assignments and activities can greatly enhance student learning, especially when course assignments connect to ideas and activities in which they feel personally and/or professionally engaged.

- Sept 13, 1 pm-2:30 pm


Course Climate

Inclusive learning environments are those in which all students feel valued and respected. We will explore strategies for connecting with students, learning about them and the challenges they face, connecting students to each other, and assuring students that you are there to support their learning and success.

- Sept 19, 2 pm-3:30 pm


Warm Welcomes and Effective Communications This Canvas and Zoom workshop (please click to pre-enroll) explores setting an inviting tone, delivering timely announcements, filtering messages for student success, and preventing confusion about important course dates and expectations.

- Sept 20, 3 pm-4 pm


Backward Course Design

Intentionally aligning assignments, activities, and assessments with course learning objectives can greatly enhance student learning. This workshop will explore backward course design theory to reflect on your course's curriculum and tighten your course delivery.

To be scheduled

later in Fall Quarter


Empower students with disabilities to take ownership of their learning by providing equitable access and experiences. This workshop will identify common barriers to learning in the classroom and discover solutions to remove those barriers. 

To be scheduled

later in Fall Quarter

Active Learning

Explore active learning methods using engaging and illuminating formative assessment activities. This is an opportunity to select and draft methods for immediate use.

To be scheduled

later in Fall Quarter

Team Learning

Successful group work, or teamwork, in your classes depends on team structure, expectations, management, and feedback. This workshop will explore team learning models and methods, identify components of effective teams, and share resources to create and manage successful teams.

To be scheduled

later in Winter Quarter

Workshops By Date

Pre-Fall Conference


Date workshops Times location
Tues Sept 12 New Faculty Foundations event 10 am-3 pm ATL (Advanced Technology Lab, Bldg 007)
Wed Sept 13 Canvas: Introduction 9 am-10 am Online/Zoom
Wed Sept 13 Canvas: Assessment and Gradebook Setup 10 am-11 am Online/Zoom
Wed Sept 13 Creating an Effective Syllabus 11 am-12:30 pm Online/Zoom
Wed Sept 13 Assignment Design 1 pm-2:30 pm Online/Zoom

Fall Conference Week

Date workshops Times location
Thurs Sept 14 Canvas: Introduction 3 pm-4 pm Online/Zoom
Thurs Sept 14 Canvas: Assessment and Gradebook Setup 4 pm-5 pm Online/Zoom
Tues Sept 19 Course Climate 2 pm-3:30 pm Online/Zoom
Wed Sept 20 Warm Welcomes and Effective Communications 3 pm-4 pm Online/Zoom


To register visit the CTLT Foundations of College Teaching registration webpage. 

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