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Instructional Continuity: Faculty Colleague Support Network

Instructional Continuity

An array of events can disrupt faculty’s ability to teach courses via on-campus, in-class sessions. Cal Poly is committed to providing students the opportunity to complete courses despite disruptions. Steadily advancing communication and instructional technologies have greatly enhanced faculty’s ability to provide quality virtual learning experiences.With  planning, training on selected user-friendly technologies, and mentoring on effective instruction, faculty can continue instruction through many forms of instructional disruption.

The Faculty Support Network brings together faculty who have experience with tools and techniques for effective virtual instruction to establish a resource for their colleagues. With support through the provost's office, almost 90 faculty across campus are devoting between 4-8 hours a week through Spring Quarter to coaching and mentoring colleges. It is a complement to the CTLT's faculty support resources, services, and programs at a time of challenge adjusting to virtual instruction in Spring 2020.

Faculty in this network have significant experience, often including but not limited to participation in CTLT workshops, that enhance their virtual teaching skills. Listings are organized by college and each has noted their areas of particular experience so that colleagues can inquire about specific methods and tools of interest.

Click on each college name in the listings below to see details for each member's specific areas of expertise (if available).

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

  • Amir Hajrasouilha, City and Regional Planning
  • Carmen Trudell, Architecture
  • Stacy Kolegraff, Construction Management
  • Scott Kelting, Construction Management
  • Michael Deigert, Architectural Engineering
  • Tammy James, CAED IT support

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science

  • Neal MacDougall, Agribusiness
  • Erik Slayter, Agribusiness
  • Samir Amin, Food Science and Nutrition
  • Jerusha Greenwood, Experience Industry Management
  • Corrine Kohlen, Food Science and Nutrition
  • Sara Kuwahara, BioResource and Ag Engineering
  • Sarah Stewart, Animal Science
  • Robyn Morrison Kronewitter, Horticulture and Crop Science
  • Yeqiang (Kevin) Lin, Experience Industry Management
  • Ann De Lay, Ag Education and Communication
  • Amy Lammert, Food Science and Nutrition
  • Terry Lease, Wine and Viticulture
  • Deidre Rogers, Natural Resources Management and Environmental Science

College of Engineering

  • James Eason, Biomedical Engineering
  • Ben Hawkins, Biomedical Engineering
  • Kimberley Mastako, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Gregg Fiegel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Anurag Pande, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • John Pan, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mohamed Awwad, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • John Chen, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rick Emberley, Mechanical Engineering
  • Gary Perks, Electrical Engineering
  • Christian Eckhardt, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Clint Staley, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Tim Kearns, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Ryan Smith, Materials Engineering
  • Christine Ghent, Materials Engineering

College of Liberal Arts

College-Level Coaches

  • Kelly Bennion, Psychology and Child Development
  • Megan Lambertz-Berndt, Communication Studies
  • Todd Pierce, English

Department level coaches

  • Todd Pierce, English
  • Rebekah Maples, English
  • Tad Walters, English
  • Bethany Conway, Comm Studies
  • Megan Lambertz-Berndt, Comm Studies
  • Jane Lehr (assigned from ES), History
  • Sarah Lopus (assigned from Soc), History
  • Francisco Flores, Philosophy
  • Ryan Jenkins, Philosophy
  • Kelly Bennion, Psychology
  • Amy Iscold, Psychology
  • Elizabeth Folk, Art & Design
  • Jim Werner, Art & Design
  • Jose Navarro, Ethnic Studies
  • Dina Vees, Graphic Communication
  • Brady Teufel, Journalism
  • Patrick Howe, Journalism
  • Keli Moore, Journalism
  • Emma Levine, Music
  • Laura Kramer, Music
  • R.G. Cravens, Political Science
  • Andrew Fricker, Social Science
  • Joan Meyers, Social Science
  • Diane Stanton, Theatre & Dance
  • Christian Anderson, World Languages and Cultures
  • Silvia Marijuan, World Languages and Cultures
  • Jane Lehr, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Emily Ryalls, Women’s and Gender Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies
  • David Gillette, Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies

College of Science and Math

  • Alan Kiste, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Joni Roberts, Kinesiology & Public Health
  • Erin Pearse, Mathematics
  • Dana Paquin, Mathematics
  • Andrea Somoza-Norton, School of Education
  • Sonia Ramrakhiani, School of Education
  • Beth Chance, Statistics
  • Jay Olenowski, Statistics
  • Samuel Frame, Statistics
  • Ed Himelblau, Biology
  • John Hagen, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Ashley McDonald, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Greg Scott, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Nicole Hagobian, Kinesiology & Public Health
  • Anelise Sabbag, Statistics
  • Billie-Jo Grant, Statistics
  • Amy Iscold, Kinesiology and Public Health
  • Jean Davidson, Biology

Orfalea College of Business

  • Teresa Cameron, OCOB IT
  • Ahmed Deif, Industrial Technology & Packaging | Accounting
  • Brennan Davis, Marketing | Graduate Programs
  • Lisa Simon, Marketing
  • Jose Huitron, ITP - Entrepreneurship
  • Neal King, MHRIS
  • Solina Lindahl, Economics
  • Pratish Patel, Finance

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