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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

CTLT's Communities of Practice (CoP) provide connections and shared expertise for groups of individuals with common goals and similar challenges. Communities of Practice are distinguished by three characteristics. Members (1) share a domain of interest, (2) engage in activities and discussions to share information and develop relationships, and (3) develop a repertoire of resources, experiences, tools and methods to enhance their practice. Membership requires only active participation and constructive contributions to the community. Regular gatherings are informal and lightly facilitated to offer opportunities for connecting with others and learning to become a better practitioner. At present, CTLT hosts three CoPs:

Lecturer Community of Practice

Lecturers make up almost half (47%) of Cal Poly’s faculty and constitute a substantial part of the campus’s educational capacity. Many lecturers (including industry professionals who bring real-world practitioners’ experiences to students' learning experiences) enrich Cal Poly’s ability to fulfill its learn-by-doing mission. The scale and scope of their contribution has prompted this effort to provide greater connection to each other and the campus in support of their success as educators. This CoP is a way to support these educators as valuable members of the university's educational community and important contributors in pursuit of the university’s mission.

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Mindful Educator Community of Practice

If we don't take care of ourselves, our work as educators can leave us frazzled, drained and discouraged. Caring for ourselves includes attending to our mental and emotional well-being. This Community of Practice is designed for Cal Poly educators to explore and experience the benefits of mindful living applied to our professional work as well as our personal lives. Together in this community, we will enhance our understanding and evolve our habits to take advantage of this amazing capability to enhance our cognitive capacities and our quality of life. We will also be better prepared to handle the stresses of our careers as well as to integrate these insights into our educational work with students. 

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