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consultation imageThe CTLT offers one-on-one, confidential consultations that enable all Cal Poly educators (faculty and staff; full or part-time) to enhance their teaching effectiveness, to discuss opportunities for teaching innovation, and to implement new pedagogies. Consultations provide a mechanism for educators to reflect upon their teaching practices and to develop a research-informed plan of action to improve student learning. ​





Consultations cover a broad range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Inclusivity and diversity in the curriculum and classroom
  • Writing in and across the disciplines
  • Course design, assignment design, and assessment strategies
  • Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Affordable Learning Solutions (Open Educational Resources)
  • Program level assessment
  • Instructional Technologies: PolyLearn, iPad, Apple, Screencasting, Active / Collaborative Learning, or Teaching Methods (hybrid, flipped, online).
  • Formative teaching observations (only for improvement, not for evaluation)
  • Midterm chats (formative student feedback)

To schedule a consultation, please call 756-7002 or email ctlt@calpoly.edu.


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