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consultation imageThe CTLT offers one-on-one, small group and departmental consultations that enable all Cal Poly educators (faculty and staff; full or part-time) to enhance their teaching effectiveness, discuss opportunities for teaching innovation, and implement new pedagogies. Consultations provide a mechanism for educators to reflect upon their teaching practices and to develop a research-informed plan of action to improve student learning. ​

Consultations with CTLT team members are made through the Calendly app appointment scheduler. The app eliminates the problematic email back-and-forth when trying to schedule a consultation. Rather than email chains and phone tag, our staff members establish the days and times they are available in Calendly. When you schedule a time with someone in Calendly, they are immediately notified and a Zoom link is automatically created and sent to you to use for the scheduled online meeting.

To email with a quick question or make a longer Calendly appointment, select a consultant and topic from the following list:
LMS Support,  calendly.com/canvassupport

Pam Dougherty, padoughe@calpoly.edu

  • Creating accessible course materials 
  • Canvas course development 
  • Online teaching strategies 

Luanne Fose, lfose@calpoly.edu

  • ZOOM (in general, in Canvas, in PolyLearn)  
  • Screencast-O-Matic (in general, in Canvas, in PolyLearn)  
  • Syllabi in Canvas  
  • Communication tools in Canvas (e.g, Canvas profile, email, notifications, calendar)  
  • Video captioning  
  • Using technology to support teaching and learning  
  • Audio and video  

Catherine Hillman, cehillma@calpoly.edu  

  • Using technology to support teaching and learning  
  • Online teaching 
  • Flipgrid 

Sarah Macdonald, smacdo05@calpoly.edu 

  • Inclusive Teaching 
  • Equitable Teaching Practices 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Curriculum 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Assignment Design 
  • Creating Inclusive Classroom Environments 
  • Responding to Microaggressions and -isms in the Classroom 
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations in the Classroom 
  • Discussion and Facilitation Strategies 
  • Syllabus, Course, and Assignment Design 

Tonia Malone, tmalone@calpoly.edu 

  • LMS PolyLearn and Canvas support  
  • Using Technology to support teaching and learning  
  • LMS Integrations 
  • Online Teaching  

Dianna Winslow, diwinslo@calpoly.edu 

  • Syllabus, course, and assignment design 
  • Pedagogical approaches 
  • Assessment in virtual environments 
  • Writing in virtual environments  
  • Writing assessment  
  • Writing across the Curriculum assignment design 
  • Writing in the Disciplines assignment design 



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