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The Tech & Training You Need: Getting Started

Cal Poly faculty and staff have access to many different software tools and tutorials that can greatly enhance teaching and learning. Along with providing full access to Lynda.com, Cal Poly owns site licenses for many well-known software applications (e.g., Microsoft Word, the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Camtasia, etc.) for both Windows or Macintosh platforms.

This page will assist you with downloading software from the Cal Poly Portal. For the purposes of demonstrating how to download software, we will focus on acquiring Camtasia, a powerful screencasting software.

Downloading Software from the CP Portal (Faculty & Staff)

The following tutorial explains how to download Camtasia from the Cal Poly Technical Service Request System residing in the Cal Poly portal.

Note: There is a different process for downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite (Photoshop, Illustrator,  InDesign, Premiere Pro, Spark, etc.) This process is explained in detail at https://servicedesk.calpoly.edu/adobe-faculty-and-staff

For support on using Camtasia and other downloaded software, check out the vast array of training videos available through Lynda.com. Of course, faculty and staff can also receive support for integrating software by attending CTLT workshops.

1. Log into the Cal Poly portal at my.calpoly.edu with your Cal Poly username and password.

2. In the "Single Click Access..." channel, click on Technical Service Request.

3. Click on New Software Request.

4. Search for the software title by typing "Camtasia" in the Software Title search box.

5. A pop-up menu will appear with the choices of Camtasia versions that Cal Poly has licenses to. Select whichever software platform you desire (i.e., either Camtasia for Mac or Camtasia Studio 8 for Windows).

6. Once you do the above step, the contents of the box will change to display the appropriate information based upon the software selected.

Here's what the info looks like for Camtasia for the Mac:

Here's what the info looks like for Camtasia Studio 8 for Windows:

7. Accept the terms of agreement by selecting the Yes radio button next to "*I accept the terms:"

8. Click on the radio button next to Download.

9. Click on the Serial Numbers and Download Info button.

12. Install the software following the instructions of the software package.

13. Be sure to enter the serial number (i.e., license key) after you install the software.

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