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With the rise of flipped and online learning, the need for new paradigms for lecturing and lab demonstration have increased. Out of this need arises screencasting – a digital recording with accompanying narration.

Evident in the popularity of Khan Academy and other online educational sites, screencasting is a tremendously powerful tool for teaching and learning.

Though they require some initial planning and development, screencasts are well worth the effort. Once they are developed, screencasts can be watched and reviewed at the students’ convenience through multiple platforms. Instructors often share screencasts created by other educators as part of their broader support for student learning.

The CTLT can assist you in producing quality screencasts using Camtasia for the Macintosh or Windows platforms. We can also assist you with choosing a quality microphone, uploading your completed screencasts into YouTube, captioning your video, and properly embedding your videos into PolyLearn courses.

Faculty and staff seeking hands-on training should contact the CTLT for upcoming workshops. We also periodically offer training on screencasting as part of our e-learning and flipped workshop series.

For information on captioning resources available, please visit the CSU's Professional Development for Accessible Technology site, and Cal Poly's Classroom Technologies Video Services site offers assistance with captioning videos that are presented in the classroom.

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