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Examining Whiteness

WINTER 2024, TUESDAYS, JAN 23-March 5, 9:30 AM-11:00 AM

Workshop Description

Examining Whiteness began as a pilot program and as a partnership between the Office for University Diversity and Inclusion and the Center for Teaching Learning and Technology. Examining Whiteness includes two components: 1) A 6-part foundational series, and 2) an ongoing discussion series. The 6-part foundational series is intended as a first step toward engaging in critical reflection on Whiteness and working toward antiracism; after completing the 6-part foundational series, all participants are strongly encouraged to participate in the ongoing series.

Examining Whiteness is designed to encourage White educators to critically examine and gain a deeper understanding of systemic racism, Whiteness, and White racial identity. The series is open to individuals at all levels of learning in their personal journey toward better understanding Whiteness in their personal and professional lives. The Examining Whiteness foundational series provides faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in conversations based on a discussion protocol and curriculum (adapted by the facilitators for higher education) that is inspired by and draws from the nationally recognized Building Anti-Racist White Educators (BARWE). 

Who is this Space For? Following the BARWE model, this space is intended to work toward developing White educators interested in engaging in opportunities to discuss, learn, and challenge one another on topics related to Whiteness, White racial identity, and working toward antiracism. Though these discussions are centered around Whiteness and White identity, all interested are welcome to participate.


Examining Whiteness- Winter 2024 Registration

Meetings and Time Commitment


The introductory workshop has seven synchronous meetings. We ask that you commit to attending all 7 sessions, but understand if you are unable to attend one session. If you believe that you will miss more than one session; we will ask you to consider signing up during a subsequent quarter.


Each week we assign short readings, podcasts, or videos. These assignments are intended to be brief and designed to be able to be completed in around 2 hours or less. We have intentionally kept assignments short. 


Sarah Macdonald, PhD (she/her/hers); Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Teaching, CTLT. Please contact Sarah with any questions about participation at smacdo05@calpoly.edu

Heather Domonoske (she/her/hers); Coordinator, Transfer Center

Quotes From Previous Participants

“Even if you are already actively engaged in efforts to participate in dismantling structural racism and White supremacy--whether these be in your professional life on/off campus and/or in your personal life--this workshop will provide you with important and valuable opportunities to dig deeper into these forces and will allow you to gain a fuller understanding of the ways that even the most committed anti-racist White person remains enmeshed in the forces of structural racism and White supremacy. One of the best workshops I have taken in my many years at Cal Poly!”  
“This workshop does an excellent job of helping you develop a deeper understanding of Whiteness by challenging you to examine your own White privilege and White racial identity. However, it does not leave you to stew in that privilege; instead, it gives you the tools to identify systemic racism, how you benefit from it, and then to mobilize to interrupt that racism within yourself and your sphere of influence.”  
“This workshop series is a great way to engage in critical conversations around Whiteness and the role White individuals have in dismantling racism, oppression, and White supremacy that permeates our culture. These are tough conversations, but necessary conversations. And it’s great that we can have them with colleagues on our campus in an honest and authentic yet also safe, welcoming, and inviting environment.”


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