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Pathways Academic Year 2020-2021

Effective Teaching Practices Program | AY 2020-21

Cal Poly is a participant in a California State University system grant program in collaboration with the National Association of System Heads (NASH) and the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). The grant is providing multiple CSU campuses with a year-long, research-based faculty development programming in support of effective instruction. At Cal Poly, the $100,000 grant supports 90 faculty in three cohorts to participate in a year-long curriculum of effective teaching principles and practices for the 2020-21 academic year.

Applications are open to faculty interested in participating in one of four cohorts:

  • Early Career (FULL)
  • General Education (FULL)
  • Rigorous and Equitable (FULL)
  • Learner Centered Teaching (FULL)

For information and links to application forms, go to the ETP home page >

Design your CTLT Pathway

Hone your virtual teaching skills with CTLT services and programming. We have developed a wide set of online resources, workshops, and consultations that will help you to prepare for teaching your courses, whether they are online or on campus. 

The groupings below suggest potential pathways for you to take that make the most of your professional development opportunities. Choose a set of resources and workshops or mix and match from several groupings: the adventure is yours to tailor to your curiosity and needs. Along the path, the CTLT will always be available to assist you with one-on-one consultations to help troubleshoot issues, address questions, and to work creatively together to design meaningful and effective learning experiences. 

If after perusing the resources below you’d like some help deciding, visit the CTLT Consultation page to sign up for an individual consultation with any CTLT consultant. We will be more than happy to assist in furthering your quest for teaching and learning excellence!

The CTLT has been my most utilized and valuable go-to during this time. They are SO supportive!”

— Cal Poly Instructor, Spring 2020

Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

The CTLT will be offering ten cohorts of Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning, as well as a menu of self-paced tutorials and pre-recorded workshops. 

  • Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning: This three-week, fully online workshop will focus on best practices for redesigning your course for the online learning environment, including developing pre-course welcome letters, course policies, and creating a course design road map that implements a strong pedagogical approach to online course delivery. By the end of this workshop, participants will design and complete one modular unit (typically 1 week) of a fully online course of their choosing. 

Additional Resources for Virtual Instruction

Although all IOTL sessions are now full, additional offerings for learning more about online teaching or altering in-person courses to a virtual format are available:  


The CTLT will be offering several Canvas workshops this summer in multiple formats: synchronous, cohort-based, self-paced, and pre-recorded. 

If you are familiar with Canvas, but want to increase your knowledge about additional tools, consider the following: 

  • You should peruse the live Canvas Webinars topics and register for what suits your needs 

  • If you aren’t available on the live webinar or workshop dates, you might consider some recorded workshops and self-paced courses, like: 

For the full list of recorded workshops and self-paced courses visit the Canvas Support Workshops and Events page 

You may also schedule a one-on-one consultation  with our LMS Support team to get individual assistance.  


The CTLT has several resources for improving the accessibility of your courses from a cohort-based workshops to self-paced online modules.  

Cohort-Based Workshops 

  • Creating Accessible Course Materials (Fall session if full; register to be placed on the waitlist) 4-week, fully online, cohort-based workshop. Participants will develop skills and best practices to make course materials technically accessible and usable to a broad range of students. The workshop covers Canvas accessibility tools, accessible documents, accessible video, and a culminating activity: Create an Accessibility Action Plan.
  • Inclusive Course Design: Implementing the UDL Guidelines (next offering will be Spring 2021)This 5-week, fully online workshop provides an overview of Inclusive Course Design in higher education, including methods and strategies to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning to course materials, activities and assessments. 

Self-Paced Modules 

  • Creating Accessible Canvas Content Do you want to create accessible Canvas Content for your students? This self-paced online module provides guidance to help you create an accessible Canvas content page. You will also learn how to check your course content for accessibility. 

  • Creating Accessible Documents Do you want to create fully accessible course documents for your students? This self-paced online module provides guidance to help you create an accessible Word document and convert to an accessible PDF. 

  • Creating Accessible Videos Do you want to create accessible videos for your students? This self-paced online module provides guidance to help you create a short instructional video with captions. You will also learn how to find help for captioning videos that you did not create. 

Additional Resources 

Equity and Inclusion 

This summer, the CTLT will offer TIDE (Teaching Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity) for the fifth time, as well as the Inclusive Course Design: Implementing the UDL Guidelines workshop. Additionally, we have several online resources available to help you to make your courses more equitable and inclusive. 

  • TIDE (Teaching Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity) FULL Creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus is the responsibility of all campus community members, including faculty. This professional development opportunity is designed for Cal Poly educators who seek to incorporate inclusive teaching practices and infuse diversity principles into their teaching consistent with the campus’s Diversity Learning Objectives (DLOs)

  • Inclusive Course Design: Implementing the UDL Guidelines FULL (Register to be placed on the waitlist) This 4-week, fully online workshop provides an overview of Inclusive Course Design in higher education, including methods and strategies to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning to course materials, activities and assessments. 

Additional Resources 

Instructional Technologies 

The CTLT has a wide range of pre-recorded workshops for you to peruse this summer at your own pace. Topics include Zoom, Flipgrid, and Screencast-O-Matic If you are interested in using new tools in the next iteration of your online course, visit these resource pages: 

Workshops by Request

CTLT educational development staff members have deep knowledge on a broad range of topics that support campus educators' student engagement and achievement goals. "Workshops by Request" provide more opportunities for sessions tailored to departmental or unit priorities. Departments and units are invited to schedule special workshop sessions on topics of broad departmental interest at a time and place most convenient for interested participants. Workshops by Request can be scheduled for fall quarter 2020 and later. 

For a list of possible workshop topics, visit our "Workshops by Request" page.

Coming Soon! 

  • Virtual Faculty Writing Retreats 

  • Learner Well-being: Foundation for Student Resilience 

  • Book Circles 

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