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Open Educational Resources - AL$ & AB 798

Open Resource PathwaysThis initiative is designed to help faculty reduce students’ course materials expenses and maintaining course quality by expanding the use of high-quality open education resources (OER). OER includes open licensed textbooks and materials as well as web-based resources (texts, multimedia, interactive) that reside in the public domain. The initiative contributes to Cal Poly's efforts to improve graduation rates as well as to make the campus more diverse and more inclusive by reducing the cost of earning a Cal Poly degree. Although the CSU's Affordable Learning Solutions ("AL$") and AB 798 programs are two different programs supported by the Chancellor's Office grant initiatives, both programs function to reduce student cost for course materials.


The CSU's two open educational materials grant initiatives (AL$ and AB 798) have similar goals. The core purpose of these programs is to support faculty in reducing course materials’ expenses for students while maintaining course quality. These serve as a major component of Cal Poly’s efforts to make the campus more diverse, more inclusive, and more academically engaging by making a Cal Poly degree more affordable for students. It also contributes to Cal Poly’s Graduation Initiative 2025 by reducing barriers to student progress toward degree completion.

Open Resource Adoption Projects

Funding for these projects have been initiated from the CSU Chancellor's Office to support faculty in adopting and/or adapting existing Open Education Resources (commonly called "OER") or to compile OER content for course adoption. OER includes open-licensed textbooks and materials as well as web-based resources (texts, multimedia, interactive) that reside in the public domain and/or possess a Creative Commons License.

The CTLT offers the Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) Online Workshop every quarter for faculty who are interested in learning more about finding and implementing OER for a course. The workshop has a myriad of resources available to assist faculty in finding excellent free resources for their students. The following list below demonstrates the many different OER project types that can be approved for stipends within the AL$ & AB 798 programs:

  • OER Adoption: Adopting an existing open education resource for use in a course (primary or supplemental). ($250 stipend)
  • OER Adoption and Implementation: Adopting an existing open education resource for a course and updating supporting course materials for full implementation (primary or supplemental). ($250 stipend)
  • OER Adoption, Revision, and Implementation: Adopting an existing open education resource for a course after substantial revisions of the primary text, and then updating supporting course materials for full implementation (primary or supplemental). ($250 stipend)
  • OER Compilation: Compiling a variety of open education resources into a curated open education resource and then adopting for course use (primary or supplemental). ($250 stipend)

Please contact Anne Regan to begin the process: aregan@calpoly.edu

AB 798

AB 798 is a program sponsored by the CSU Chancellors Office, which supports the adoption of OER by a team of faculty in a department. Lecturers and tenure-line faculty or staff in an educational role are eligible and can apply as individuals, teams or programs. Funding support ranges from $250-$3,500 per individual, with the amount awarded based on the project's scale and its expected contribution to student savings. Consider collaborating with some of your faculty colleagues to research and select OER material that you will all implement in your courses. This grant may also fund proposals to redesign assignments and homework problems needed due to the adoption of an OER text. For more information, please contact Anne Regan, Coordinator of AB 798.


Current OER Adopter Support

If you are already using open educational resources in your teaching, we would like to provide you with support and recognition as part of the AL$ Initiative. You are already contributing to an important campus goal of reducing the expenses (and thus the hurdles) for student success in earning a Cal Poly degree. Keeping track of the savings that you have created for your students through the Initiative will help you get appropriate recognition and add to Cal Poly's record of growing savings that assists Cal Poly with future funding. In addition, you are invited to join AB 798 workshops (which offer stipends) specifically designed to support faculty using OER that is accessible and follows appropriate copyright and attribution practices.

Current OER Adopter Participation Form >

MIDAS Legacy Document Conversion Service

All newly created OER materials are expected to be accessible from creation, but legacy OER course documents may not be available in accessible formats. The MIDAS ("Making Instructional Documents Accessible for Students") service supports faculty who are using (and expect to keep using) existing OER documents (including instructor-generated materials) that need remediation to improve accessibility.


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